It's Sunnier On The Southern Region

Because Driver H. Potter Has Finally Decided to Get Behind A Keyboard Again.


You know those shadowy faces you see peering out of the windscreen of trains? I own one of those.*

I work for South West Trains.

Class 455's at London Waterloo

These are trains. I have been known to drive them from time to time.

I’m a Virgo.

I can write in complete sentences, have access to wine, women, song, shoe laces and my own credit cards.

So pull up a chair, make a brew and have a look around.

* – I own a face that peers through a windscreen, not a train. Well, not yet anyway.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Potter old Fruit,
    Those nice chaps at the IMechE are holding an evening lecture on November 26 entitled ‘DC to AC conversion’. Perhaps you’d like to attend?

  2. It’s gone a bit quiet here as well, hasn’t it?

  3. Ask the LB&SCR?

  4. Isn’t about time we had a life in our Potter?

  5. Coming into Clapham Junction the other day on a Southern 455 I saw a 450 going the other way labelled ‘The Potter Birthday Express’. Was that you on the handle?!

  6. I think Potter’s ignoring us.

  7. Dear Mr. P.
    That is a lovely piece about the memorial service. I spent most of today trying to keep myself on an even keel and holding emotions in check as I remembered how that day developed 25 years ago. Your little article has just finished me.
    It’s funny trying to explain the depth of feelings about such an incident and the impact it had on us all then – and thereafter – to a group of non-railway folks.
    Thank you for sharing today. It means a lot.

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